June 22, 2022

Weekend Daytime Duty Crews

The addition of weekend daytime duty crews allows more convenient schedules for our firefighters and quicker response times for our residents.


Effective June 1st, the Excelsior Fire District started implementing daytime weekend duty crews.

What does this mean for our firefighters?  Just like residents, our firefighters also have very busy schedules in the summer – family vacations, graduations, weddings, birthdays, events, etc, which leaves the District short-staffed on the weekends.  With the addition of the weekend daytime duty crews, our firefighters will now be able to sign up for shifts that are more convenient for their schedules, which helps them better manage their balance between work and home-life.

What does this mean for our District?  Both of our stations will now be fully staffed from Friday night 10pm thru Monday morning 5am ready to respond to any calls, which means a quicker response time to your emergencies.  When duty crew members are not responding to calls, they are using their time to complete scheduled required training to help them improve their individual skill sets.  They will also be using this time for station duties, which includes cleaning lavatories, living spaces, and apparatus floors, and light maintenance not required by a certified or licensed technician.  On the weekend, you may also notice more EXFD presence in your area.  Firefighters will be driving through the District to familiarize themselves with neighborhood configurations along with any challenging roadways and water supply areas.

Pictured here are Firefighters Craig Zaim, Alex Stern, Marshall Glodoski, and Battalion Chief 4 Kim Stern draft training.

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