June 14, 2022

Senior Serve Day 2022

Minnetonka High School seniors volunteering at the Excelsior Fire District.

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Recently, the Excelsior Fire District hosted a Senior Serve Day.  Senior Serve Day is where Minnetonka High School seniors are encouraged to take two days off school to volunteer around their community.  The Excelsior Fire District has been participating in this program with Minnetonka High School for over 15 years.  Years ago, kids were able to sign up in the morning, before school started, but since the EXFD sign up sheet would always be the first one to fill up, kids started camping out at school earlier and earlier, waiting for the doors to open to get first access to the sign-up sheet.    Now, to make things a little easier, sign-up sheets are not posted at school, but rather online.  Rumor has it that even the EXFD online sign-up sheets are still the first ones filled!    

On Senior Serve Day, there are two groups of approximately 15-20 students that come to EXFD.  One group has a morning shift at Station 1 and the second group has an afternoon shift at Station 2.  We always welcome special needs students and their PARAs to come as well!  The students washed trucks, took rides on the fire trucks, tried on turn out gear, and learned about firefighting.  The students loved the fire truck ride the most!  The students love going through town and blowing the air horn at all their friends.  

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